Enjoy summer food, drinks and vibes and that lovely Latin feeling in Haarlem.

It’s summertime and so we’re in the mood for salsa music, cocktails, nachos, empanadas and bright colors. Enjoy summer vibes and that lovely Latin feeling in Haarlem!

Once you step inside imagine yourself in Cuba, Mexico, Argentina or Brazil! Chill, listen to the music, sip on your drink, taste Latin food, have a chat, and always, always enjoy a cocktail!

Come and experience an evening filled with bon vibes, nice people, the hottest Latin & Caribbean music, delicious food & drinks and, if you want to, also some dancing. Enjoy the food spots by Empanadas Maxima and Haarlem Foodies/expatsHaarlem and get surprise by the Capoeira Show by the Haarlem Capoeira School Semente.

Celebrate summer with us at Fiesta Latina on Friday 15 July 2022. Grab your FREE tickets now!

The price at the door is € 5, so don’t wait to get your free tickets.



  • 6.30 pm -9:00 pm FIESTA LATINA
  • 8:00 pm Capoeira Show.

The bar will be open the whole duration of the event and also serve some tropical drinks. Hungry? no problem, you can pick some nachos or go big straight away with the empanadas (if you’re hungry, can’t beat those). The colors and composition feel like a little holiday.

Read the whole program on the Fiesta Latina event page.


Pop up food spots & shows

Empanadas Maxima

During Fiesta Latina Empanadas Maxima wil have a pop up food spot. Taste their delicious handmade, oven-fresh empanadas according to a traditional Argentine family recipe.

Haarlem Foodies & expatsHaarlem

Enjoy Corona beer and nachos provided by Haarlem Foodies & expatsHaarlem

Capoeira School Semente

Would you like to hear the Brazilian Berimbau and see some feet in the ir, please come to watch the Capoeira show at 8 PM by Contramestre Lisette of Capoeira School Semente,

Capoeira comes from Brazil. It was a way for the slaves to make themselves free. Both physically and mentally. Capoeira contains attacking and evading movements, music and singing! It is a combination of sports and culture. Capoeira School Semente was founded by Contramestre Lisette, who has been teaching children and adults in the city centre of Haarlem for 19 years!



The Comedy’s venue is the monumental building Badhuis/Bathhouse on a huge, sunny square, where you can also chill outside.

The Badhuis was built in 1903 to a design by the architect S. Roog. This second public bath in Haarlem served as a bathhouse for the citizens of the Leidsebuurt, a working-class neighborhood that developed from 1876 on the western edge of Haarlem. It served until 1979. The Badhuis will now be turned over in a cozy comedy spot.


Free tickets

The event is FREE but you need to get a free ticket to show at the door. The price at the door is € 5.

Get your free tickets now! Don’t miss it!


 Empanadas Maxima
Fiesta Latina | Empanadas Maxima
Fiesta Latina | Haarlem Foodies & expatsHaarlem
Fiesta Latina | Haarlem Foodies & expatsHaarlem
Fiesta Latina | Haarlem Foodies & expatsHaarlem
Fiesta Latina | Haarlem Foodies & expatsHaarlem