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10 reasons to choose Haarlemmermeer


Housing in Amsterdam and its suburbs is densely packed, so if you’re looking for a large family home or perhaps need space for animals or a hobby or love to live a more quiet neighbourhood, expand your search to the areas around the city.

Experience plenty of space and tranquillity, while living at the heart of the bustling Metropolitan Area of Amsterdam. With excellent facilities and numerous recreational facilities nearby.  That’s what you can find in Haarlemmermeer.



Haarlemmermeer, with her 26 villages, lies at the heart of the Randstad conurbation, between Amsterdam and The Hague. Schiphol Airport, 54 industrial estates, 17 office locations, a diverse range of housing styles, good accessibility and an abundance of green are just some of the ingredients of a dynamic municipality. One that offers a fine balance of housing, working and recreation to over 145,000 inhabitants. The polder reflects characteristic contrasts: from rural to metropolitan. Residents, entrepreneurs and visitors meet in an active social environment and at numerous local events.



Hoofdddorp is the main city in Haarlemmermeer. It is located 20km south-west of Amsterdam. It was founded in the 1850s on land from a large inland lake, and the area is now home to many family homes. Although the town is small and peaceful, with a low crime rate, there are many facilities, shops and good schools and it is very close to Schiphol airport.


Reasons to move to Haarlemmermeer

  1. Housing costs

    Property prices are much lower than average in Amsterdam, particularly in the Schiphol flight path. Typically from EUR 1,000–1,500 per month for a four-bedroom house.


  1. Commuting options. 

The Netherlands has a reliable and effective train and bus network, making it easy to commute from one town or city to another. The excellent cycle path network makes make even long cycle commutes safe and practical. Train takes around 20–30 minutes to Amsterdam, buses somewhat longer. Buses ride every 10 minutes in 20 minutes to the charming city Haarlem. Schiphol airport is nearby.

Nieuw Vennep station


      1. Cars 

        Easy motorway access and many homes have parking.


      1. Neighbourhood 

        Many single-family homes and low-density apartments. Low criminality.


      1. An international school

International school haarlem
International school Hoofddorp De Optimist
      1. Places of interest

        There are many other fascinating places that are definitely worth a visit.

Culture & Museums

Het Cultuurgebouw in Hoofddorp is the famous and dynamic cultural meeting place in Haarlemmermeer, for a performance or concert, a dinner with a writer, a music lesson, a course, a visual arts workshop, a CD recording or a drink in the Duycker Café. Haarlemmermeer offers several interesting museums. Visit a real steam pumping station works in Museum de Cruquius or explore the forts of the Amsterdam Defence Line that can be found throughout the Haarlemmermeer region. The Geniedijk, a dyke with forts, part of the Defence Line of Amsterdam and placed on the UNESCO World Heritage list.


Haarlemmermeer boasts splendid gardens and a stunning country estate. The following are sites you simply should not miss: De Heimanshof, exceptional churchyard gardens, and the country estate known as Landgoed De Olmenhorst.


Olmenhorst. Photo courtesy Citymarketing Haarlemmermeer

Little entertainment beyond Cultuurgebouw De Meerse, a few but a growing number of bars and restaurants.

Plenty of attractive green parks, even in the city centre. And lakes in the surroundings like the Toolenburgerplas, an 85-ha lake area rich in diversity.



Haarlemmermeer hosts plenty of other (international) events as well like the famous mud obstacle run Mud Masters, and the yearly jazz event the TAKE OFF Music event. Every year at the end of summer you will find the music pop festival MeerLive in the centre of Hoofddorp. It is the biggest free music pop festival in the area of Noord-Holland.

ExpatsHaarlemmermeer organizes several events & meetups during the year.




      1. Shopping 

        The largest in shopping areas can be found in Hoofddorp and at Schiphol Airport. Also big box stores on the outskirts. Cruquius Boulevard is known for its Housing shops.

Shopping Hoofddorp
Shopping couple. Photo courtesy: Citymarketing Haarlemmermeer


      1. The region

        Haarlemmermeer is located in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area. You can, for example, visit ‘Amsterdam Beach’ (the towns of Zandvoort, Bloemendaal or Noordwijk), and ‘Amsterdam Flowers’ with the colourful bulb fields of the Keukenhof gardens. You can go on day trips to historic cities like Haarlem, Leiden, Delft and The Hague, or of course, visit Amsterdam… the capital city of the Netherlands with the beautiful canals and many museums.



There are large bulb fields in the whole Haarlemmermeer, that draw hundreds of thousands of tourists every spring. Just a 15-minute bicycle ride will take you from the place you stay to the colorful bulb fields, where you will find yourself surrounded by millions of tulips, crocuses, daffodils and hyacinths.



The Keukenhof in Lisse is the world’s most famous flower bulb park.If you are up for a sportive challenge, rent a bike to ride the twenty kilometres to Keukenhof park through the loveliest flowering fields.


Keukenhof garden


      1. ExpatsHaarlemmermeer

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Need we say more??!


See the Haarlemmermeer municipality website for more information.


Planning to move to Haarlemmermeer?

ExpatsHaarlem offers a wide range of services to make your relocation to or your house hunting in the Haarlemmermeer area as smooth as possible. Have a look at our services and contact us for any help.

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