These days walking around you will notice the national Dutch flag with a school bag. It’s a Dutch tradition upon graduation to put out the flag with the student’s school bag atop the pole. 

Thousands of high school students will be told on Thursday whether they have passed their final exams.

At 8.00 am the College voor ‘Toetsen en Examens’ (Board for Tests and Exams) publishes the so-called standardization of the exams. On the basis of this, schools calculate which grades pupils have achieved and whether they have passed. Students are then called to be told whether they have passed, retaken or failed the exam.

In total, more than 188,000 students took part this year. In VMBO there were 92,000, in HAVO almost 55,000 and in VWO almost 41,000.

Students of VMBO framework and basis will not receive the results until next Wednesday. How many students have passed nationally will not be announced on Thursday, but only in Autumn.

The second period of the final exams starts next Monday. This is intended for students who have not taken all their exams in the first period or who repeat an exam.

Graduated at high school? Hang the flag high with your backpack attached to it!


To all Students

All students who passed: Congratulations 🥳😀🎒🇳🇱! We are very happy with all the waving flags and backpacks in the sun! And for the repeaters: good luck. For students who do vmbo basic or framework, it will remain exciting for a while, they will hear on Wednesday whether they passed 🤞🏽.


Video: Dutch Bag Flags Explained

“It’s rare to see any real patriotism in the Netherlands, and Dutch homes rarely hang up the national flag on their homes… Except for certain occasions like high school graduation. But only if you hang up your school bag as well. Why is it only then okay to be patriotic? “? Grag Shapiro asked it to some Dutch people. Watch the great video in which Greg Shapiro.

Greg Shapiro is Comedian. American. Dutchman. I came to Amsterdam to work with Boom Chicago comedy theater, and I never left. Along the way, I’ve hosted ‘Comedy Central News,’ I’ve written a book ‘How to Be Orange,’ and I’ve worked side by side with Boom Chicago alumni such as Seth Meyers, Jordan Peele and Jason Sudeikis. Yes, he’s the voice of Trump in the ‘Netherlands Second’ video from ‘Zondag Met Lubach,’ with 50 million views. Yes, he came twice to Haarlem to perform for us, the  last time just a couple of weeks ago, at the Koepel Comedy.

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