Join us for the best Saturday night laughs and giggles. Five talented comedians will take to the stage to offer you a night full of laughs.


Enjoy a great English spoken Comedy Night in Haarlem with upcoming comedians and new material by established comedians from the international scene.

Line up: Rogier Bak, Mikaela Burch , Sjoerd Scott, Mohna Joshi Dhamankar, and Diederik Zuurmond.

Taste also our Tagliere di formaggi (5 slow food cheeses) or Tagliere misto formaggi e salumi (cured meats and cheese). Order them online and pick them up between 8:00 and 8:30 PM at the Comedy Bar.

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  • 8:00- 8:30 PM: Doors open. We are open from 8:00 for drinks at the bar beforehand. Pick up your food platter before the comedy starts. The Comedy Bar will also be open during the break and after the comedy.
  • 8:30-9:45 PM: Comedy Show.
  • 9:45-10:15 PM: Drinks for those who want to discuss the comedy or just have a chat and a drink



Rogier Bak

While Rogier is Dutch, he’s worked tirelessly to make sure you could never tell. Having spent most of his formative years the US, he feels like a foreigner in his own country. Rogier’s comedy mostly draws on his personal life and experiences, which fits his storytelling-style of comedy. He claims to not have an ego, enabling himself to be the primary subject of many of his own jokes. Though he is Dutch, Rogier has worked diligently over the years to make sure you could never tell. Originally from Amsterdam, he spent his formative years in the United States, which led him to feel like a foreigner in his home country.

Mikaela Burch

Detroit Comedian, Mikaela Burch has risen on the Amsterdam comedy scene. After growing up in a city with a death toll, she is adjusting to life in Holland where police spend their days hunting down culprits riding bikes without proper lights. However, with finding her sweet spot dead center in the middle of a warm stroop-waffle, she now feels it is not all that bad. So why not take on the challenge of spreading laughter to the Dutch society? After all, everyone needs a bit of humor in their life.

Sjoerd Scott

Don’t let his name fool you, he might be the only Sjoerd in the world who’s not Dutch! The young comedian is quickly taking over stages across the country, with his fresh and friendly style of comedy that catches you off-guard with his vivid demeanor and dry wit.

Diederik Zuurmond

Diederik Zuurmond is a comedian, poet and artist, straddling the liminal space between stand-up comedy, performance-art and overly-pretentious-meaningless-shit. His work has been described as “good” and “pretty good”. He broaches complex topics with all the diploma-cy of an egg, a well-meaning egg. Take his hand (metaphorically) and wade knee-deep into the gentle surf of the endless absurd

Mohna Joshi Dhamankar

Mohna Dhamankar is not your typical Indian woman. She first came to the Netherlands in 1994 for a short course, then to study in Wageningen and fell in love with the country – finally decided to move to Amsterdam 9 years ago. Started doing comedy as a way of coping with the pandemic – tried her hand at IMPROV but soon realised that STANDUP is where her heart is. Her style is mostly anecdotal based on real life experiences. Had her first Open Mic in November 2021 just before the 2nd lockdown. Did not give up -restrated in March 2022 and hasn’t looked back since.

Line up Saturday Fun
Haarlem Comedy Factory – Saturday Fun


The Comedy’s venue is the monumental building Badhuis/Bathhouse.

The Badhuis was built in 1903 to a design by the architect S. Roog. This second public bath in Haarlem served as a bathhouse for the citizens of the Leidsebuurt, a working-class neighborhood that developed from 1876 on the western edge of Haarlem. It served until 1979. The Badhuis will now be turned over in a cozy comedy spot.

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Haarlem Comedy Factory
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA. Photo: Rob Ouwerkerk , Haerlems Bodem