Recently, the Municipality of Haarlem has placed some special road signs in the Kenaupark. On the back of the signs, 3D printed bird houses and bee hotels are incorporated. These are printed from recycled PET bottles and the signs are made of bamboo. “This is an example of how the municipality of Haarlem is using sustainability in public space,” says the councillor for Public Space and Ecology, Merijn Snoek.

Bee hotels at Kenaupark signs
Image from the Gemeente Haarlem,

The Kenaupark is a historic park in a beautiful location in the center of Haarlem. It is a walking park, but that was not clear to everyone, there was still a lot of cycling. Pedestrian sustainable signs have now been placed that also contribute to the biodiversity of the city. Never before has a road sign been combined with ecological integration. Counsillor Snoek: “A traditional road sign in the Kenaupark does not match the appearance of the park. I am happy with this nice solution and for helping the bees.

One more pedestrian sign will also be placed at the entrance of the Proveniershof.

Source: Gemeente Haarlem