Parenting, as such, is a challenge and if you add the staying-at-home in the mix, it is a recipe for a potential disaster. Kids are a handful and the fact that they are unable to go out, makes them extra cranky. This can put a lot of pressure on some parents, but all you need is a solid strategy to keep things under control. Quarantine or social distancing or just a few hours at school, is all about maintaining a safe distance from the people around you, but children by nature have the tendency to socialize with other kids. It forms an essential part of their mental development which the quarantine can rob off.

So here are some crucial tips that will help your kids during the new reality:

● The importance of discipline

Responsibility to inculcate disciplinary behaviour in a child is both of- the school and the parents. Now, since the schools are reopening with the COVID-19 pandemic still looming over us, we must be extra disciplined in order to prevent further infections. Thereby, it is imperative that you put extra focus on your kid, in terms of discipline. If you are having trouble in this field, start with something simple. Setting a routine, for instance. Make sure that he/she has a constant hygiene routine that is instilled upon them at home and even in school. This can be hygiene precautions through hand wash or close proximity rules. At the same time, make sure that you follow your routine as well. If your kid sees you cutting corners, he/she will do the same.

Easy parenting in tough quarantine
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

● Assignments

With the reopening of schools, you kids will start to get more home learning assignments. Ensuring that you don’t go to school has become a thing now, thanks to quarantine. You can easily download the home-schooling material online. You have everything you need to teach your kid at home. Isn’t that great? Most parents would say “NO”. It is only because they fail to wrap their heads around things like assignments, or home schooling in general. The first thing you should know is, assignments are important. And your kid needs to do it with the same dedication as he/she would at school. It helps eliminate any roadblocks in the path of learning for your child.

● Scheduling things

Your kids will be mostly staying at home, regardless of when school opens as they will only be held alternatively and for short hours. This doesn’t mean we should take your children’s education lightly, you need to make a schedule for your kids, very similar to their school schedule. It will eventually make the transition from quarantine schooling to normal school easier for your child. Make them do their assignments within the given duration. Doing this will not only help your kid learn better but also inculcates a disciplinary behaviour. Try not to overwork your kids as it may lead to unmotivated behaviour.

● Parent assistance

All parents help their kids with school homework. But with the current COVID-19 outbreak and minimal school hours, it might become tough to judge – when to jump in and when not to. What most parents do wrong is, they jump in too soon. The easiest way not to do this is, is by setting a particular time. Let your kids work on their assignments individually and let them exhaust their brains and later check the assignment, after the agreed time.

Easy parenting in tough quarantine
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● Don’t overdo it

As mentioned earlier, most parents fail to understand when to jump in and when not to. They take over the kid’s assignments and finish it for them. And later complain that their kid didn’t learn anything. This is because you didn’t give him a chance. It is important to let your child try first. Let them analyse the problem and explore all possible solutions. Then you can assist them. Your kid will learn so much better this way.

● Positive encouragement

There are two types of kids in a class- one, who understands everything and the other who doesn’t understand much. Both types of kids have questions- but they don’t ask. Most kids do not feel comfortable asking questions in front of the class. This can slow down the progress of your kid. Such behaviour should be nipped in the bud. Encourage your child to ask questions and interact with the teacher. Teach them that there are no stupid questions.

● Developing independent behaviour

Kids, by nature, are not independent. But with time, dependency should change into independence. And this is the time to work on it. Give your child small tasks, encourage him to do his chores and complete their assignments. This will not only give them confidence but also help develop their independent behaviour.

Easy parenting in tough quarantine

● Make sure that you spend time with your kids

Being in school most of the day, your kids might not be able to spend much time with you. And now that they are mostly home, make sure that you spend some quality time with your kids. This is not only important for your child’s emotional development but also for strengthening the bond between you two. This is the time for you to bond with your child. Just think about it, when will you ever get a chance like this? The thing to keep in mind is- you need to create a safe space for your child. Help them learn in their own way. Find new ways to bond with them. Get involved in their activities. For instance, read a book with them, do some laundry or even cook.

This is the time you can use to teach them about essential, life sustaining activities. Most may see quarantine as boring and endless, but in many ways, it is a golden opportunity.