The police arrested two people last night after a car chase through various places in the province. After officers from Haarlem and Heemstede went after a car, the two were eventually arrested in Hoofddorp.

Policemen were driving around the N208 in Haarlem around 2.40 am, when a red car past in the opposite direction at high speed. The policemen decided to follow the car, which was going at a speed of 123 kilometers per hour, where 70 were actually allowed. When on the Leidsevaart, the driver also switched off the lights of his car and again drove at almost 120 kilometers per hour, this time on a road where only 50 was allowed. At that point the car lost control and it crossed the central barrier, landed on the other side of the road and fled again.

Two police cars rammed

A little later, the car ended up in a dead end, while the police car was still right behind the car. At first the driver seemed to stop, but eventually accelerated, apparently deliberately bumping into the police vehicle with his tires squeaking backwards. The chase started again and at the roundabout at Bilderdijklaan the driver drove into a police car again, which tried to block the road. According to the police, this happened “without braking or slowing down”.

Finally, the passengers jumped out of the red car. Soon two of them were arrested near the car: the 20-year-old driver and a passenger. The third and possibly fourth suspect managed to run away, despite a search on the ground, the deployment of a police helicopter and detection dogs. Four wraps of cocaine were found in the driver of the car. They also tested positive for the use of coke during a saliva test. The police took blood from them to investigate further.