[4 December 2020, HOOFDDORP] In a criminal investigation into a criminal organization during searches, the police found more than 350 kilos of ketamine with a street value of more than 8 million euros in Hoofddorp. According to the police, this is the largest amount of ketamine ever found in the Netherlands. Ketamine is emerging as a party drug, but it is very harmful to public health.

Eleven suspects have been arrested in various places in the Netherlands. That happened on October 28, but the police did not talk about it until today. In addition to the arrests, searches were carried out on the same day at fourteen locations. A 32-year-old and a 37-year-old man, both living in Hoofddorp, are seen as the leaders of the criminal organization.
The gang is suspected of being involved in large-scale drug trafficking and ketamine trade. The suspects arrested are nine men and two women, they vary in age from 25 to 60 years and reside in Hoofddorp, Heemskerk, Zandvoort, Amsterdam, The Hague and Zwolle. At the moment, four men are still in custody, including the two main suspects. The other suspects have been sent away, but they remain suspects, according to the police.

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The searches took place in the homes of the suspects and in business premises in Hoofddorp, Amsterdam, Limmen, Losser and Gronau (Germany). In addition to ketamine, 100,000 euros in cash, some expensive cars, two firearms and many designer items were seized. The ketamine and the money were found in various hidden rooms in a business space in Hoofddorp.

The criminal investigation was launched in June 2018 after police received information that one of the main suspects was involved in narcotics and ketamine trafficking.

source: hcniews.nl