The number of corona infections in Haarlemmermeer has increased from 259 to 263 (last update 18-05-2020). Furthermore, little has changed in the figures. Since the outbreak of the corona crisis, 26 people have now died in the municipality from the consequences of the virus. The number of hospital admissions due to corona is still at 65 (unchanged since a week and a half).

NATIONAL Until the 18th May 2020, 27 patients have been reported nationwide who have been (have been) hospitalized because of COVID-19. 14 persons have been reported dead. Not all of these reported individuals have been hospitalized or have died in the past 24 hours. Some patients are reported later. That is why the data from past days are often supplemented.

To date, 44,141 confirmed COVID-19 patients have been reported to RIVM. The figures match the picture that the measures work. Because not all COVID-19 patients are tested, the actual numbers in the Netherlands are higher than the numbers listed here.

Number of hospitalized corona patients: 60
Hospital admissions per 100,000 inhabitants: 36.8
Registered infections: 270
Registered deaths: 52
Updated on 18-05-2020 13:56