This Sunday 19 November, St Nicholas will arrive once again in Hoofddorp.

Sint and his Pieten will arrive tomorrow, Sunday 19 November, around 11.00 am at the scaffolding of Hotel / Restaurant De Beurs, where they will be warmly welcomed by deputy mayor Adam Elzakalai and Kids Mayor Merel Breur.

Together they will drive to the Dik Tromplein, where Pieten and children are already partying, and where they will get on stage at about 11.30 am.

The Sint and the deputy mayors will then make a short tour through the Center. Here the children can give Sint a hand and maybe even be photographed with him and his Pieten.

Around 2.15 pm Sint and his Pieten will arrive at Winter Village at the Raadhuisplein. There you can skate with the Pieten!