Sinterklaas is on his way on his steamboat and he visits Badhoevedorp and Hoofddorp on the 17 and 18 November!

On the 17 November, Sinterklaas arrives in the region of Badhoevedorp at 12 pm, Akerdijk 287Badhoevedorp. Then the next day, Sinterklaas is off to Hoofddorp shopping centre for a fest and party! Shopping centre Hoofddorp 2132 BG Hoofddorp. 

The festivities in the Hoofddorp Winklestad start from 11 am.  Prior to the arrival, a pre-program will take place on Hoofdvaart. Sint and his Pieten arrive around 11.30 hours by boat at the jetty at Hotel / Restaurant De Beurs. After that, Sint rides Amerigo through the Center to the Raadhuisplein where he enters the festive stage at about 11.30 am and where the Pieten and the children already have a party. Under the festive guidance of a real Pietenband, the Sint and his Pieten make a short tour with a connecting walk through the Center.

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