A Lidl shelf filler has made a special discovery. While unpacking a box of bananas, he came face to face with a poisonous “huntsman spider“. The furry creature turned out to be a stowaway from Costa Rica.

“I thought they were spraying gas over the bananas so that these types of animals do not survive the journey to Europe,” says an employee of the Animal Ambulance De Ronde Venen / Amstelland, “…but maybe they became immune”, he explains.

The supermarket employee was not too shocked. “He caught the spider in a tea glass. He must have been super fast and incredibly brave, because the spider is poisonous”, said the animal ambulance employee.

Ready for adoption

Meanwhile, the spider – with legs that can be as long as 15 centimeters – has been transferred to the Reptile Sanctuary in Zwanenburg and it will probably stay there for a long time. “These animals can live up to five years,” says the owner of the shelter, “…and I’m sure that not many people will want to adopt this spider”, he concludes.