At the Pancake Pavilion at Cruquius, they emphatically wanted to end the special year 2020 in a fun way. Eureka! Found it! On December 31st, there will be a big show with a real oliebollen drive-thru. Get a time slot, stay safely in the car, receive their order and drive away. With music and free mulled wine and hot chocolate. Completely corona proof. An example of local creative entrepreneurship.

No stench in the kitchen and enjoying without worries the tastiest oliebollen, appelflappen and other recipes that are part of the Dutch tradition on the last day of the year.

Freshly baked and sold from the mobile kitchen in the parking lot at the Pancake Pavilion. That’s how the inventive Sander Teeuwen has it in his head. And it’s going to happen!


Corona proof

‘Geen zin in gedoe? Kom naar onze oliebollen drive-thru’. (“Not in the mood for hassle? Come to our oliebollen drive-thru “). With this catchy slogan, Sander Teeuwen of the Pancake Pavilion wants to draw attention to the sale of oliebollen that is completely corona-proof.
With the Netherlands almost locked up, it is not meant that at locations where oliebollen are still available, lovers of the New Year’s sweets will form long lines. Now people can go to the drive-thru. People can place their order and pay via the website or by telephone. The customer gets a time slot in which they can come to the Pavilion. They can stay safely in the car, receive their order and drive away. On the last year of the day Sander will provide an afternoon with music and free mulled wine and hot chocolate.

Every twentieth order is provided with a bottle of champagne to end the special year twenty-twenty in a special way. And to toast to 2021 in which, hopefully, corona will be conquered, Sander says.

Menu Oliebollen drive-thru
Menu Oliebollen drive-thru

Contact details

You can order via or by telephone on (023) 5477 123.


[Source: HC]


☔️ Blijf lekker in je auto zitten
😁 Geen rij, iedereen blij
🦠 Corona-proof
🍷 Gratis glühwein en warme chocomel
🎼 Een en al gezelligheid