Extending the North / South line from Schiphol to Hoofddorp is going to be a real boost for the Haarlemmermeer. It is expected that more companies will be established in the municipality and the connection is quite an improvement for the residents of Haarlemmermeer. Last week it was announced that seven parties, including Amsterdam and the municipality of Haarlemmermeer, want to invest a billion euros in extending the metro line.

A metro line like the Noord / Zuidlijn would also be a solution for the residents of the Haarlemmermeer. A schoolboy says today that he can reach his school in Amsterdam much faster than usual with a metro. Another also suggests that it can be functional for the elderly: “This makes it easier for them to go into town too.”

“Public transport is improving and our municipality is therefore also more accessible,” says Alderman Marja Ruigrok. “In addition, there will be more offices and thus more employment. The North / South line will have a positive effect on our municipality.”

Housing construction

The number of homes may also increase further due to the arrival of the metro line. By 2040, the municipality wants to have 20,000 homes built. Good accessibility is essential for this, according to councilor Ruigrok. “I always say: ‘move first, then build’. People must be able to reach their residential area easily.”

The arrival of the line also had a major impact in some parts of Amsterdam. After opening in the summer of 2018, it was quickly the busiest metro line in Amsterdam. Suddenly, the city was a lot closer for most residents of the North regions. Amsterdam-Noord is two years later the fastest growing district of Amsterdam. This year the district has passed the 100,000 inhabitants mark.

Two years ago, Alderman Ruigrok stepped in to the talks between the seven parties about a contribution to extend the North / South line. “When I arrived, there were already conversations about this. Ultimately it took another two years,” she says.

Last week, the Transport Region, the Municipality of Amsterdam, the Municipality of Haarlemmermeer, the Province of North Holland, KLM, NS and Schiphol announced that they jointly want to contribute 1.025 billion euros to the North / South line. The Municipality of Haarlemmermeer, together with the Municipality of Amsterdam and Schiphol, is contributing an amount of 140 million euros from land revenues.

Noord-Zuid metro line extension

Proud of the collaboration

The extension of the metro frees up more space on the track for international trains. In this way, according to the alliance, an alternative can be found for short-line flights from Schiphol. “It’s also a sustainability goal. We really need this to unclog things. It’s a matter of safety,” Ruigrok emphasizes.

The pledge of one billion euros is still far from enough to get the project off the ground. At least four to five billion euros are needed to realize this plan. “We need the help of the government with this,” says Ruigrok. This month, the parties will therefore enter into talks with the Minister and State Secretary. In January an application will be submitted to the National Growth Fund.

The plan for extending the North / South line is now entering the next phase. “The next step is the exploration phase. This will take at least two years.”

Anyone who thinks that a ride to Hoofddorp on the metro can be done quickly will be disappointed. “That will only be the case in ten years’ time.”

source: NH nieuws