The Municipality of Haarlemmermeer grants homeowners a warm winter with a lower energy bill and offers them a € 70 voucher for the purchase of energy-saving products. For free! You can also donate your voucher to the Food Bank.

Get your free Energy Voucher

The Municipality of Haarlemmermeer, in collaboration with Winst uit je woning, has sent you as homeowner in Haarlemmermeer a letter with an Energy Voucher with your unique redeem code. You can use the voucher for up to € 70 on small energy-saving products, for example for the purchase of radiator foil, water-saving shower heads and draft strips. With these products you lower your energy bill and make your home more comfortable.

Lost your voucher code?

Redeem your free Energy Voucher

Save money and energy. Use your coupon now!
Be quick, because the coupon promotion is temporarily valid and gone = gone!

Choose one of the following options:

1. Energy Saving Webshop

You can pay directly with the voucher for your energy-saving products.

1. Go to this Energy Saving Webshop
2. Choose an energy saving box or individual energy-saving products with a total spend from a minimum of € 35 to a maximum of € 70
3. Place the box or the individual products in your shopping cart
4. At checkout: enter your personal code
5. You will receive the energy-saving products for free.

2. Store of your choice

1. Check this product list to see which energy-saving products you can buy with the voucher
2. View the status of the available budget on this website
3. Go to one online or local store of your choice, such as a lamp store or a DIY store and buy a minimum of € 35 to a maximum of € 70 in energy-saving products during the promotional period
4. After the purchase you can request a refund with your proof of purchase and voucher code here. After checking, the amount will be refunded to your account.

Donate your Energy Voucher to Voedselbank Haarlemmermeer

What should you do?

  • Go to this Energy Saving Webshop and order a package of € 70 of your choice.
  • If sold out, click on “compose your own box” and use this list of useful products.
  • Have the package delivered to your home
  • Send an e-mail to; subject: Energy Voucher Food Bank
  • Energieloket Haarlemmermeer will contact you to pick up the package and deliver it to the Food Bank Haarlemmermeer.
Energy Voucher Box Haarlemmermeer
Energy-saving products Energy Voucher Box Haarlemmermeer

Partnership Municipality Haarlemmermeer & expatsHaarlemmermeer

The Municipality of Haarlemmermeer and expatsHaarlemmermeer collaborate since many years to inform and support the citizens in the region. We renewed our partnership again for this unique offer, provided by Winst uit je woning and in collaboration with Energieloket Haarlemmermeer.

Together for a sustainable environment

Let’s do more for a sustainable environment. Start with your own house . The municipality is happy to give you a helping hand. Take advantage of that. This is beneficial for the environment and your  finances. Or donate your voucher to people in your surrounding who need it.

Energy Voucher request form

Please, complete this form to request your homeowner voucher code.