The municipality of Haarlemmermeer and Meerlanden organize the Christmas trees campaign. Children up to 15 years old can bring old Christmas trees at various locations in Haarlemmermmer. The aim of this action is to prevent as far as possible that discarded Christmas trees are lying everywhere. The collected trees are shredded and processed into compost.

Een lootje voor een Kerstboom/Christmas tree

For each delivered tree the children receive a ticket with which they can win nice prizes. These prizes are intended for an activity with the whole class, for example, an excursion or for a good cause.
Children from 16 years and adults can also return old Christmas trees. However, they do not participate in the campaign.

Collection locations

An overview of all collection activities can be found on the website of Meerlanden, For those who still want to get rid of their tree, Meerlanden drives a Christmas tree around. Residents can place the Christmas tree next to the GFT-collection container.