The corona infection numbers keep going up and down, without any clear explanation. Haarlemmermeer  is the only regional municipality to note a significant increase in the number of infections.

While there were 38 positive corona cases on Monday, November 30, no fewer than 54 new infections were added in Haarlemmermeer on Tuesday, December 1.

The other municipalities in the region all showed a decline. Haarlem recorded 35 new cases in the last 24 hours against 45 on Monday, Heemstede dropped from 11 on Monday to 7 on Tuesday, 2 people were tested positive in Bloemendaal (Monday 6), in Zandvoort 4 (Monday 7) and in Hillegom 3 ( Monday 6).

Because the figures fluctuate up and down for no apparent reason, RIVM attaches more value to the weekly figures. And these again show a slight decrease nationally. There were 33,949 reports of positive corona tests in the past seven days. A week earlier there were 36,931 and the week before 37,706.

Reproduction number

The so-called reproduction number remained almost the same. The figure now stands at 1.04, compared to 1.02 last week. That means the outbreak remains virtually stable. The number indicates how quickly the virus spreads among the population. The further it gets above 1, the faster the virus can spread.

About half of all people who tested positive in November are known where they contracted the corona infection. The most important source remains the home situation, with family members and housemates. This is followed by a visit of friends and relatives at home. In third place is the workplace. “It remains important to work from home as much as possible to prevent infections,” says the RIVM.


[Source: Haarlems Dagblad]